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Minimum Credits to Play FREE Daily Tournament Games
(click picture to play game)
In the interest of fairer tournaments, you will soon be limited in the number of daily attempts you can play each of the games whilst logged in.
Today's Scores Game Info BEST EVER SCORE
50 Credits
BUG: if zero hits, and you bet on it, it will not pay out if you bet on other numbers at the same time. This problem was fixed years ago but the old version was uploaded by accident some time ago and the corrected version has been misplaced.
Highscores Tricon11 : 31000
50 Credits
'Jacks or Better'
Video Poker
Highscores Tricon11 : 26800
50 Credits
Texas Hold'em Poker

*Coming Soon* and allows play with fellow members on a network or our own FairPokers.com table (must be logged in to FairPokers.com rather than FairCasinos.com to play using your credits and be in the tournament)

Highscores :
50 Credits

*Coming Soon* and allows you to play on a multiplayer table with fellow members!

Highscores :
50 Credits

*Coming Soon* includes various types of bingo to play with forum members and a network of other players (check you are logged in to FairBingos.com if you want to save your score and enter the tournament)

Highscores :
To enter the Daily Tournaments, the games require you to be logged in to the relevant site in our network so please check you are logged in before entering! Texas hold'em requires you to be logged in to FairPokers.com and most others to FairCasinos.com (FairBingos.com for the bingo game).
You must be registered and logged in to save your scores!
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