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PostPosted: Fri Mar 25, 2005 3:48 pm - Playtech and RTG software not eligible for Top Casinos list
There are some problems with these two major software providers. I've mentioned the problem in other posts here. I have emailed them in the past and received no response. The fairness isn't in question but I have asked them to set decent standards for licensees and even outlined exactly what was needed. It is not just the ethical thing to do but their business model is seriously flawed otherwise. They are tarnishing the reputation of all their casinos by allowing some dodgy operators to use their software.

Other major software companies have this problem to some degree but the problems are with a few isolated licensees but the number is far greater for RTG and Playtech powered casinos.

Until they fix these problems, any casino powered by this software won't be shown as a "Top Casino" on the Top Casinos page. The reputable casinos using the problematic software companies could still be promoted as a safe place to play but won't feature on the main top casinos list.

RTG Casinos
There is nothing wrong with the software, but it is the lack of standards the software company sets for licensees that is the problem. There are a large number of licensees with payment issues (mostly regarding bonuses) and you will find a lot of RTG powered casinos in the dumped section here.

RTG takes fees and royalties from these dodgy casinos so our policy is not to have any RTG powered casinos as part of our Top Casinos list. There are some decent and reliable online casinos powered by this software and although we would rather they changed to a different software, we don't dump them simply for using it. The software works well and seems fair to players.

The software is good and extremely fast and allows for very entertaining gambling. It is the favourite casino software among a lot of players but the software company sets little standards for licensees and has a more hands-off approach to the casinos than some of the other major software providers.

If you want to try the software, I recommend you play one of the few reputable ones such as iNetBet Casino for fun or real. They have been operating since April 1999 and have one of the best reputations among players online. I don't rate them as anything special but they are certainly above average and a safe place to play.

RTG some time ago implemented a disputes page at the RTG website for any players with problems with casinos powered by the software company but it still remains to be seen how effective it is. There have been reports of no action regarding complaints.

Playtech Casinos
A similar thing applies to a high proportion of Playtech casinos but they don't even have a disputes procedure in place. I even personally had problems with their initial licensee Club Dice (not fully documented here yet).

Like RTG software, Playtech software is also pretty good for players. If you want to try a reputable site using this software, I suggest Casino Fortune. They are not perfect and have had some minor problems but they have always paid winners and have been operating since around 1998. They are in the top ten highly rated casinos by our forum members in our casino directory (average rating of over 7/10). They also own land casinos.

Update July 2005: Playtech have implemented a similar disputes procedure to RTG but it remains to be seen how effective it is.
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