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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 3:45 am - Percentage of Revenue given away will not be a set amount!
I have decided to stop giving away a set percentage of the revenue by the end of February. A problem is that the revenue is still largely on a commission basis and varies hugely. It has been high in recent months but this month seems very low so far, but I can never tell the final revenue until after the end of the month. Due to a higher tax rate percentage than before when the revenue was comparitively low, I am giving more of the gross profits than when the 20% rate started but that isn't too much of a problem. The main thing is that I can't really accurately forecast the income to be able to simply give a regular amount away with any accuracy. I am still hoping to make revenue through click-throughs eventually so the revenue is more steady but at the moment it's mainly on commission and is too variable.

In the first year most of the profits were given away in the draw (50% of revenue was given in the first year but most of the rest was spent on advertising). In 2004 it changed to 20% of revenue but from the end of February 2006 it won't be fixed but depend on the participation.

You will not notice anything different. The draw will probably stay as it is. Therefore it will give away more cash when more people participate and enter.

I still have over $1000 to give away from the 20% of the revenue so far since that percentage started. This is proving quite difficult as the Prize Draw isn't getting much more participation despite some efforts. I plan to give it away to members using the new feature coming up soon on this site to help you keep track of your casino transactions.
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 03, 2006 6:46 am - Re: Percentage of Revenue given away will not be a set amount!
Ive been trying Mr. boss man..... lol. I cant seem to figure out the lack of participation from all these members either. My only conclusions are these..... Newbies cant read or understand how to browse the forum quick enough to find, understand, and figure out how and what this place has to offer them. Thats the biggest i think. ( took me a couple different times, spending time and often frustrated on where/when/what and how to get to this or that ect.) Which leads to my other conclusion of people being lazy or not having the hour a day to spend or want to spend here to earn the chance of free gambling moola. I will say personally to any newbies or lazybees (but still intersted bee's) Now that i have paid my due's in spending lots of hours here learning all the ways to earn credits, tokens and eventually turning it into real $$$. It now takes me no time at all to earn some fast credits/tokens ect.... so when i am in a hurry and dont have more than 15 minutes to spend here for the day i can still get my name/tokens in for the drawing that day and even the tournaments. Although im not the happiest camper about the new rules with the 10 people min. before daily draw can be won :0..... I respect and understand the reason and logic behind doing it and hope maybe in motivates more of us to encourage and help other members in getting familar and understanding this great forum you have worked so hard and made available to the online gamblers such as myself. I thank you Mr. Faircasinos for all you have done and for all you continue to do to help me with my online gambling adventures : )

Happy Holidays to you and to all here at Faircasinos Forum

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