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# Offer Reward Date
 1   Get 300 Credits for adding or 50 for rating Bonus Offers in the Casino Bonus Charts. You can rate dozens of Bonus Offers each week and receive 50 Credits for each one.
Click here for more details 
12 Tokens 2004-10-06
 2   Get up to 1000 Credits for adding or rating screenshots in the Casino Screenshots Album.
Click here for more details  
40 Tokens (1000 Credits) 2004-10-05
 3   Play the Free Tournament Games and try to win as many Credits as you can. You will also win Credits and more for placing in the top three.
Click here for more details 
Unlimited 2004-08-15
 4   Answer the Polls in our Views forum and receive 500 Credits each time.
Click here for more details 
20 Tokens (500 Credits) 2004-07-18
 5   Review and Rate Casinos in our Casino Directory and automatically receive 100-300 Credits each time. You will receive 400 more Credits (up to 700) for reviewing the casinos in the Top Casinos list. To receive the maximum, your reviews will have to be over a certain length but you can update them at any time to receive the extra Credits.
Click here for more details 
28 Tokens (700 Credits) 2004-06-10
 6   Get 50 Credits for visiting the Top Casinos page each day. Make it your homepage and receive the Credits each day you open your browser.
Click here for more details 
2 Tokens (50 Credits/day) 2004-05-29
 7   Get 40 Prize Draw Tokens for free when you sign up to any reputable casino from the banners on this site. They mostly without exception have excellent sign-up offers.

Just register for free to get the tokens. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY.

Contact me by clicking here and please include the casino you joined in the subject line to get your free tokens.

This is similar to the previous Crockfords offer but extended to more casinos. There are not very many casinos recommended here at the moment but at least you can be sure they are among the best around!

A few that are recommended include : Cherry Casino (java casino - no download), Lucky Nugget, Jackpot City and Aces High
(all these links also qualify you for the free tokens). 

40 Tokens 2004-05-27
 8   Participate in the totally free tournaments at Crockfords.

The penultimate tournament starts today (3rd March) and lasts a few days.

Get 40 Prize Draw Tokens for free when you sign up to Crockfords from the banners if you haven't joined any of their related sites yet.


Afterwards, Contact me with the SUBJECT: CROCKFORDS to get your free tokens. 

40 Tokens 2004-03-03
 9   Refer new members to the site and receive 10 Prize Draw Tokens. The people you refer will also receive 5 free (don't forget to tell them that they will only get these if they are referred)! They must log in at least once for these tokens to be credited.

This should be automatic if they use the referral link you will find in your profile (there is a profile button in your posts or you can click your name in the who's online list to get to your profile).

The referral link you need to use is also on the refer button at the bottom of any of your posts (you could tell them to click that instead). PM me if you have any problems. 

10 Tokens 2004-02-27
 10   You will automatically receive one Prize Draw Token for every post you make (there is a limit of ten tokens per 24 hour period).

You will need to click the Enter Prize Draw link near the top of the forum to use up your tokens.

UPDATE:Changes from 30th March 

1 Token per post 2004-02-20
 11   You will automatically receive 100 Credits when you sign up to the forum. This is not real money but can be exchanged for Prize Draw Tokens at a rate of 25 Credits for every token. You can win real money with these in the Prize Draw.

To increase your Credits you can try the slot machine which is set to pay 103%. 

4 Tokens (100 Credits) 2004-02-19
 12   Sign up to a casino with your faircasinos.com email address and you will receive 25 Prize Draw Tokens.

You will also receive this for changing your registered email address at a casino to your faircasinos.com one.

UPDATE: Click here for more details. This offer is in addition to any other offers for signing up to a casino we may have (eg. if you qualify for the Crockfords offer dated 2004-03-03, you can get 25+40 = 65 tokens for using your faircasinos.com email address). 

25 Tokens 2004-02-02
 13   You will receive 10 prize draw tokens for signing up for a faircasinos.com email address.

Please click here to give me your desired username (i.e. username @ faircasinos.com) and put the word EMAIL in the subject line. 

10 Tokens 2004-02-01
 14   The Prize Draw gives away 20% of all FairCasinos.com's revenue to forum members.

The profit is much lower than this revenue due to significant costs. Nearer half of the profit is given away but this largely depends on how much is spent on advertising. 

Unlimited 2004-01-01
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